Tampa Physician Housecalls
2812 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33605
Telephone: (813) 374-2494
FAX: (813) 374-2495
David Eschelbacher MD
Providing mobile physician services to homes and assisted living facilities.

David Eschelbacher MD Wiki

Specializing in Home and Assisted Living Primary Care Physician Services

David Eschelbacher, MD
BA, Columbia University, 1990 MS, Stanford University, 1995 MD, George Washington U, 2001 Internal Medicine Residency, USF, 2001-2004 Board Certified Internal Medicine Experience with Home & ALF Visits since 2004.

Edith Alido, APRN MSN, University of Florida, 2003
Migdalia Iovino, APRN MSN, University of Tampa, 2006

Main Office Location
2812 N 22nd St Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 374-2494 • FAX: (813) 374-2495
Area Covered
Most of Hillsborough County, West of Parsons Rd & North of Symmes Rd, Portions of Pasco County, including Tampa, Temple Terrace.Lutz, Wesley Chapel, Town & Country, Riverview, and Most of Brandon.

Medicare (Traditional) Medicaid (Non-HMO) United HealthCare Insurance Products (UHC), including UHC HMO, AARP Medicare Complete, etc. Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Products, including Florida Blue, etc.

Patient-Centered Approach to Care. The patient knows themself better than any physician ever can. The role of the physician is to advise and educate patients as to treatment options. The patient always has the final decision as to what path to take and the aggressiveness of care. There is no black and white in medicine!

Quality of Patient Care Communication with Patients & Family Members. Patient & Caregiver Satisfaction. Treating Patients in the same way as family members would be treated. Coordination & Communication with other medical providers, Including Home Health Nursing, Hospitalists, & Specialists. Attention to detail – understanding that most medical errors arise from overlooked details

Use of Specialists
Primary Care Physician’s work towards managing medical problems, not transferring them to others. The initial management and work-up of medical problems is the domain of the Primary Care Physician. Specialists have a role when specific tests or procedures are needed, or if the complexity of the problem becomes too difficult to manage. The primary care physician still needs to play a central role in overseeing the specialist. It is always the patient who has the final say as to whether or not they want to consult a specialist – we will not deny care.

Use of Physician Extenders
Team-Approach to utilization of Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). Two eyes are always better than one! The physician always be sees ALL patients on a regular basis. However, so will the ARNP. The ARNP acts as a supplement, not a replacement.

Reliability & Infrastructure Well staffed & accessible central office, where all charts & staff are maintained. Labs/Communications/Other Reports matched with charts & reviewed in the office daily. Physician is accompanied by Medical Assistant for blood draws, EKG’s, and paperwork. Extensive Experience with Home Health Nursing